Syndication-Bazaar aims to become a centralized market place for content creators, and to provide visuals & features to local and international players in the publishing, advertising, retail and marketing industries.

Created by Julia Raphaely and Filon Ardavanis, Syndication Bazaar benefits of decades of experience in the publishing and photographic world.

Julia is the CEO and main shareholder of AMP, where she has been working for the last 22 years, publishing some of the most popular fashion, beauty, décor and lifestyle magazines in South Africa. Filon has been the CEO of VIP since 1992, producing still shoots in South Africa and globally, collaborating with top photographers to create photo and video content for some of the most prestigious international brands, advertising agencies and stock image banks.

Syndication Bazaar objective is to be a client centric platform, guaranteeing users direct access to a much larger offering of creative material, through collaboration with the many agencies specializing in content sharing.

Hence, in addition to the regular new content generated by Julia’s titles and Filon’s many contacts in the photography world, Syndication Bazaar welcomes various partners, contributors and competitors to promote their content via its portal, in the hope to streamline and simplify customers’ searches for relevant imagery, and text.